Welcome to Colon Cordova, a training compliance and consulting firm based online and in New Haven, CT.


Custom Training Compliance Solutions

Keep track of your specific training compliance needs. We monitor your employees’ training compliance status, provide initial or retraining when it’s needed, and remind you when it’s time for recertification for compliance purposes.

Our custom training compliance solutions are tailored to give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on the more pressing challenges facing your organization.

With today's high demands on training compliance, it's more of a challenge than ever to keep up. And let's face it — there are a million other things you'd rather worry about. We know, we've been there!

Our solutions encompass:


We discuss and evaluate your situation to identify your specific training compliance needs.


We maintain a database of your training compliance records to ensure that you're completely compliant, and always have the records to prove it at hand.

Training & scheduling

We arrange the training sessions required to stay compliant, schedule them to perfectly fit your business needs, and keep everyone informed on what's going on. We know how disruptive poorly-planned training sessions can be, so we schedule all the sessions to minimize disruption and keep your organization moving.


Training Courses

We've been training both lifesaving personnel (firefighters, paramedics, EMTs) and healthcare providers (doctors, nurses, CNAs) for decades, including online trainings via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Having the right training can make all the difference in a life or death situation. That's why we don't cut corners when training. We make sure our trainees understand — and can perform — the essential lifesaving measures before we certify them.

All of our courses feature practical hands-on training and our uncompromising teaching methodology honed over decades of experience. We train for life, so you're ready to respond when crisis strikes.

Our courses include: